tisdag 9 mars 2010

The male hot bods of our time!

Taylor Lautner. The name on everybody's lips buffed of for New Moon and made a name of himself. We like him shirtless and I can bet he likes flaunting that stuff. Come on who wouldn't? If you've worked that hard you deserve a standing ovation.

Yes yes yes. Looking and liking a lot! That body and the loveable character he plays in the proposal make this Ryan Reynolds guy irresistible.

What would this man be without his muscles? probably hot but with them he's hot hot hottie hot hot!! The owners name of these muslces probably hasn't escaped your lips but just in case it's Kellan Lutz.
Now, Hugh "Hunky" Jackman oozes masculinty. He is easy on the eyes and very google friendly when you want some eye candy.

The maybe not as famous Chris Carmack has a competitive advantage and it's right in front of you. Yes, I'm talking about his pecs and abs. No need for a brain behind that lovely wrap.

Channing Tatum sets the standards and probably makes every soldier out there insecure about his body. Just look at him it's the ChanMan! The beefcake of beefcakes.

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