tisdag 2 mars 2010

This I gotta see

So maaany movies I wanna see right now. Going crazy. Can't afford to go to ALL of them though I wish I could. And had the time of course. That would be more than great, I'm telling you. Alice in Wonderland is one of them. I also want to see Remember me, It's complicated, Valentine's day, Wolfman, Farsan, Shutter Island and I love you Philip Morris. Which is almost all movies that they show in my small town. Alice in Wonderland I HAVE to see in 3D so I have to go to that one. And Shutter Island seems like a movie you want to see at the cinema. It will never top Avatar 3D though, that I know. It's just not possible. But I know it will be damn good, that I can tell...

Beatrix Bernadotte

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