söndag 31 januari 2010

Precocious teenager?

Yesterday when I got home after hanging out with some friends I was really bored. So, I started chatting with this random stranger on omegle. It was this guy from South Africa, a really geeky guy which I mentioned to him a couple of times haha and he was slightly older than me as well. And that's what weird because I've had three good conversations on omegle and he was one of them. But all of them have been older and geeky. Now, geeky is what you expect to find and geeks are fun sometimes haha depends on what type of geek but the older thing that's what I don't get. Geeky and my age = no good conversation but geeky and older (I'm talking like 10 years older) = a pretty good conversation. Am I a precocious teenager? or are geeks people that never grow old?

Beatrix Bernadotte

fredag 29 januari 2010

Ready to wear spring 2010 lovely clothes

The last few days I've been checking out some spring collections from various designers and they're to die for! I swear! I'm going crazy I want to wear an Elie Saab dress or a Galliano I really do. I don't care I'll be their charity case just give them to me! It is impossible to chose favourites so I am not going to and because I can't put the pictures in a way I want to put them I'm not going to post them at all. But the picture above is one of my favourites and it's from John Galliano's ready-to-wear spring collection for 2010. How lovely isn't that?

Beatrix Bernadotte

Robert Pattinson epidemic

The frenzy got me to a long time ago but I think it's reaching it's peak, the question is will it go down? To be frank I sure as hell hope not! haha how ordinary. He doesn't make it easy for you. Blame it on the Patts.

Beatrix Bernadotte


Bits and pieces join together to form a single unity...

Beatrix Bernadotte

The dead man

I am a body without a soul. Hollow if you like. A hollow man. What can a hollow man do to unleash the monster inside when there is nothing there? How can a hollow man escape what he feels when he is unable to feel? And how can a hollow man live when there is nothing living inside?

I was not always empty it struck me. The empty hit me, chocked and suprised I fell to the ground. I did not know what had happened to me it was all so sudden, all so breathtaking literally. A man without a heart is a man without a soul and a man without a soul is a dead man.


People are strangers. Cry if you cry but you are still human and a stranger in this world according to all the people in it. Look to the moon, it looks familiar and it is less stranger than you are. Sing if you want to but it will not make anything better for you are a stranger in your own home. Your voice will crack up and die and every mountain will stand as familiar to the moon as the sky. Cry out your pain in vain it will do no good.

Why do all my dreams extend?

You need to sing with all the voice of the mountain

You need to paint with all the colours of the wind

tisdag 26 januari 2010


I clearly have an obsession with time. Damn IB!

Slipping away

I know I’m not old but I can feel the days slipping away

What does the future have in store?

Will I have the same fate as the tragic Madame Bovary? I am sure my life will not end the way hers did, nothing of that kind I am sure. But she is a dreamer and a seeker and it is exactly that and her restlessness that ruins her. She is never pleased with anything, always looking for more. And I can see myself in her, I’m not like her cause she’s very exaggerated but I do resemble her in some ways and that to me is disturbing. Because I know that I set to high standards and I’m wondering if someone will ever live up to my ideal. My ideal is very romanticized and almost completely based on movies and books. In that way I resemble her and like her I might end up as naïve and hard too please. But unlike her I am not selfish and unlike the time she lived I actually have a say in this society. I can put my energy on something else than a man. But that still doesn’t clear up what will happen in the romantic aspect of my life.

Beatrix Bernadotte

söndag 24 januari 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Who’s birthday is it today? Mine? Yes it is :D haha I have turned 17 and I am going to stay 17 forever believe that!

måndag 18 januari 2010

Drain or Drown?

I have a biology test tomorrow on genetics which I am going to flunk, not because it’s difficult because it isn’t, it’s probably the easiest chapter in biology and also the most interesting but my problem is that I can’t focus on what I’m doing. I always start thinking about other stuff. So, is it better to try and drain your thoughts or just drown them and force yourself to focus?

Beatrix Bernadotte

Time & Technology

aaaahhhhh, I wish I could set back time right now! Life would be so much better if you could or at least sometimes like right now. I have a thousand things to do but not enough time to do it, a very common dilemma. But I did actually set back one of the clocks in the house, about fifteen minutes or so and sometimes you forget that you have done that and you think that its 20:00 when its really 19:45, I love when that happens haha pathetic I know but it feels like you saved time when you really haven't. It's weird how dependent I am on time and I guess we all are but its really peculiar and time consuming. Worrying about things takes time and worrying about things taking time takes a lot of your time so what you really should do is to stop thinking about the time you are wasting in order to save time.

Life is short unfortunately and watching science fiction movies that I love keep reminding me of that. They show a fascinating world of technology and I will never experience resemblance to that kind of technology. That is something to think about. Think about it and then come up with something to make it happen quickly so that we can enjoy it in this lifetime! Let’s not pass on the fun to the coming generations haha

Beatrix Bernadotte

onsdag 13 januari 2010

Can you dance?

So you think you can dance today! Loving it! Since we in Sweden are a bit behind season 6 has just started and today the real competition starts and it's going to amazing. Every season is better than the other but the favourites remain. One good thing about this season is that there are no hot guys so no unfair favouritism that has nothing to do with dancing haha

Beatrix Bernadotte

Happy feelings

Trains are delayed or cancelled, it’s crazy cold and I get no sleep. Terrific? Yes astonishingly even though I’m super tired, super cold and waiting all the time. So far I’m doing good in school and it is really a mood boost. Who would have thought that all you need is a little bit of success? I think that’s the factor behind me feeling so good right now but it could also be that I got the clothes I ordered today. And this weekend I was in Stockholm and I did a little bit of shopping. Shopping always makes you feel better even if you’re already feeling REALLY good you feel even better. Ok, not every time sometimes nothing fit and you just get annoyed but it’s usually the other way around. I’m not really a girly girl but I do like shopping and dressing up I don’t do it a lot because I’m really lazy and I just sit around the house and go to school, that’s basically everything I do. But those few times when I actually go somewhere and I don’t have to wake up 6 am I like to put a bit of thought into what I’m wearing. Fascinating? I know.

Beatrix Bernadotte

torsdag 7 januari 2010

Future suspicion

We all hope to achieve great but not all do. And wishing does not guarantee that you will nor does dreaming. So how do we get reality to catch up with our dreams? Ambition and skills. I have ambition but do I have the skill? My dream is to become a manuscript writer. I suck at analyzing other peoples work and I don’t know if I’m any good at writing. Because it’s not really up to me to decide that. And the movie industry isn’t really the easiest industry to try and make something out of yourself. But I am going to try and you have to put your heart and your soul into this otherwise you are going to do BAD. But what if you do badly anyway? What then? Flipping burgers for the rest of your life?

Beatrix Bernadotte

Glee vs Study

Have you ever watched Glee? If you haven't you better do so. It is a very silly show but oh so entertaining and it makes you happy. All the singing and the dancing, loving it!

I'm watching Glee right now when I should be studying. School started today and we had A LOT of homework during the holidays which I haven’t done. But I didn't go to school today because my train was cancelled and I could take the bus but I get sick on busses. So, I called in sick which I think is better than getting sick. Anyway I thought that I could study today since I haven’t for a very long time. But, have I studied yet? No. Am I going to? Maybe but probably not. I’m watching Glee right now and who knows what’s on next. And tomorrow I’m going to Stockholm and I’m going to be there the whole weekend. When will I study?

Beatrix Bernadotte

lördag 2 januari 2010

A must

I have to see Sherlock Holmes and the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus!

Beatrix Bernadotte

Funny Face

I just watched Funny Face, a move starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire and what a wonderful movie that was! The clothes were beautiful and Paris was as beautiful as always. And I mustn’t forget how beautiful Audrey Hepburn was, the kind of beauty that makes you envy. And Astaire, so cute! And all the dancing! I really really liked this movie.

It is difficult to say exactly what scenes I liked, I just like the whole thing. It is easier to choose some keywords:

Fashion. Dancing. Singing. Beauty. Paris.

Grade: 10

Do I hand out my 10’s to easy?

Beatrix Bernadotte

Thought is everything

We often stop to think about things and even when we're not aware of the fact that we are thinking the most amazing thoughts can come to mind. But those amazing thoughts can also very often slip through your consciousness. They are then later brought to life when you hear or see that somebody else has thought the exact same thoughts.

Beatrix Bernadotte



The beginning of a new year and maybe something more.

I do not believe that a new year will magically change things but I do believe that as New Years Eve starts getting closer you will think of the year that has passed and how you would have liked it to be. In that way you will set your mind on things and things will “magically” change the following year. Or it won’t and you will continue hoping that it will each and every New Years Eve. But to be frank I can’t think of anything specific that I don’t like about 2009. But I still want 2010 to be a better, more productive, eventful and thrilling year. I certain that I can make that happen!
And if it was possible I would slow time down...
Beatrix Bernadotte