torsdag 7 januari 2010

Glee vs Study

Have you ever watched Glee? If you haven't you better do so. It is a very silly show but oh so entertaining and it makes you happy. All the singing and the dancing, loving it!

I'm watching Glee right now when I should be studying. School started today and we had A LOT of homework during the holidays which I haven’t done. But I didn't go to school today because my train was cancelled and I could take the bus but I get sick on busses. So, I called in sick which I think is better than getting sick. Anyway I thought that I could study today since I haven’t for a very long time. But, have I studied yet? No. Am I going to? Maybe but probably not. I’m watching Glee right now and who knows what’s on next. And tomorrow I’m going to Stockholm and I’m going to be there the whole weekend. When will I study?

Beatrix Bernadotte

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