söndag 31 januari 2010

Precocious teenager?

Yesterday when I got home after hanging out with some friends I was really bored. So, I started chatting with this random stranger on omegle. It was this guy from South Africa, a really geeky guy which I mentioned to him a couple of times haha and he was slightly older than me as well. And that's what weird because I've had three good conversations on omegle and he was one of them. But all of them have been older and geeky. Now, geeky is what you expect to find and geeks are fun sometimes haha depends on what type of geek but the older thing that's what I don't get. Geeky and my age = no good conversation but geeky and older (I'm talking like 10 years older) = a pretty good conversation. Am I a precocious teenager? or are geeks people that never grow old?

Beatrix Bernadotte

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Jordan sa...

I've only used omegle for a day and I had a couple good conversations, some really weird ones and one amazing one who has since become a really good friend even though he lives across the country. I tried omegle a second day but I kept getting pervs and wasn't sure it was worth the time to talk to 10 people and get only one normal conversation.