måndag 1 februari 2010

Stupid teen

Ohhh this morning has been crazy. I woke up as usual at 6 o'clock and yes it is as terrible as it sounds, feels like waking up in the middle of the night since its pitch dark. Anyway I went to the train station because I take the train to school and it takes me 1 hour. But the train was late because of an accident, someone who works there had been run over. How terrible is that? I can't believe it. Don't know what to say really.

I decided to go home since I would miss economics and maybe have 30min Swedish. But then I felt so guilty about it I changed my mind and decided to take the 10'clock train but I missed that one! And then there was a 10:30 but taking that one would mean that I would miss Swedish class completely so I went home. And now I just found out that the 10:30 train was cancelled. And the most I dont know annoying or stupid thing about it all is that at first I didn't know about the accident and when I went home I was hoping I would see this guy that I find attractive and I did! ans I was like "yees! the train was cancelled and it lead to this" and blablablaaa and now you feel so bad about ever thinking that. It isn't the first time someone's been hit by the train but usually they intended that to happen but this is just...well, there are no words for it. I mean how did that even happen? and imagine that persons family....

Beatrix Bernadotte

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