torsdag 25 februari 2010

Vampires make it more realistic

I just saw Romeo + Juliet, the one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes and yes yes Cnaprio was quite a looker still is kind of. But it got me thinking, if Shakespeare lived today and just released Romeo and Juliet it wouldn't be as treasured and loved as it is today. Because we wouldn't appreciate it for what it is, a deeply passionate love story, we would instead say that that kind of love is purely fictional (we might still say that) and I just don't think it would have been as valued. They are so young and yet so passionate which people would have found weird and since it was written such a long time ago it kind of explains it becasue young people were different then, much more mature and blablablaa. And they fell in love so quickly and not like a little teeny crush more of a "lets get married" and "I die if you die" crush.

We do however have a modern example of that kind of love and it's in Twilight. But that story only works because there are vampires in it. So, instead of being written a long time ago it contains vampires to explain the irrational and insane love. The vampire thing explains why Bella wants Edward so badly. His beauty is what first draws her in and since he is "the world's most dangerous predator" everything about him draws her in, his looks, his voice and golly even his smell. For him, it's a bit more romantic, he is a lonely vampire with nothing to live for really then Bella comes a long, the love of his life or actually his life. And the vampire wanting her blood intensifies there love in a very weird way but it kind of does. So, they really have that kind of Romeo and Juliet love and it works because of the vampire thing and also because they don't actually die but they could die for each other, there's that possibilty and Edward almost does die for her. Or for himself really, because he thinks she died and he can't live with himself. In that way it's similar to Romeo and Juliet. And the vampire thing is obviously very fictional but it makes their love more "realistic" and sane. But love isn't sane and we can take real love films.

Beatrix Bernadotte

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