måndag 22 februari 2010

That Somerhalder guy

When you're in school what's the best thing? THE HOLIDAYS of course, no doubt. Of course the holidays would be better if they actually were like The Holiday. That would actually be pretty awesome, Jude Law and everything. But my holidays are very good as well. Now, we have so called sportsbreak, one week in februari each year. Awesomeness. Today is the first day of the holiday and it's unbearable to go out because it COLD like really COLD in fact so cold that the pipes are frozen which means that you can't get any water on the top floor. But I don't care, I actually don't mind staying in and watching a couple of good movies. Yesterday I saw Up in the Air and I liked it very much. Just like any other girl I like the Cloon and Anna Kendrick was awesome, the Twilight high school girl was totally missing. BUT I've been obsessing The Vampire Diaries and I'll tell you why IAN SOMHERHALDER he is freakin gorgeous. Now, I've always thought he was a looker like in lost he's very hot but in vampire diaries there's a whole other story of hotness I'm telling you. He plays this psychotic, cocky and sexy character Damon Salvatore. And if you would ignore the murderer thing he's very charming and appealing. And Ian woooowzaaa. HIS EYES PIERCE RIGHT THROUGH YOU...

Can't wait for the new episodes it's crazy because it's such a B series and still you get addicted. Is it the power of SOMERHALDER or is there something more?

Beatrix Bernadotte

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