torsdag 25 februari 2010

Throw money my way

Okay so I need a new phone. But look the thing is there's like a million phones out there and it makes it very difficult to chose one. And I don't buy a new phone to often so I want a good one. I have my eyes set on a HTC touch pro2 because i really like the keyboard and all the possibilities that comes with it. But it's kind of a business phone and what do I need a business phone for? it's not the cheapest phone out there either. I've also considered buying a blackberry but I don't really like the designs like in them, what do you call that? Like the menu and stuff and that stuff is important to me. The HTC looks like something out of the future and the blackberry the past. It's difficult. I don't want a phone without a keyboard, it can be completely touch but the HTC touch pro2 has touch as well as a keyboard how great is that?

Gotta keep up with technology

Beatrix Bernadotte

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