söndag 28 februari 2010

Women in pantyhose = sexy?

Read this. When I read about the experiment I thought well maybe it was just a lucky evening or that yeah sure your legs look better with a pantyhose on. But when I read the comments I was chocked!! why is it sooooo sexy? I get that it makes your legs look better but it's not like they're ugly without. Does it really make that big of a difference? Should we be wearing them at all times now? or should we ignore what the men want and not care about their desire for perfection? If my guy doesn't like my legs the way they are then so long sucker!

Beatrix Bernadotte

Pressure on lazy person

I've just finished my economics commentary on an article and my Swedish essay about Emma Bovary's adultery with Rodolphe. And it's to early in the day for me to be finished. It's not even 3 o'clock which means that what I've written suck but I'm to lazy to fix them. And my economics commentary could be the one I'm sending to the examinators!!! which means that this very commentary will influence my results!! which will then influence my future!! can you believe that? because I can't. It's just a stupid commentary that happens to suck...IB pressure is ridicolous.

Beatrix Bernadotte

lördag 27 februari 2010

That's NOT best

Number 16, how can that be best? It's the worst. I like Twilight and all but Twilight make up come on! That's just a bit too much.

Beatrix Bernadotte

torsdag 25 februari 2010

I’m drowning in your pretended love. I don’t want to fall, fall in love with what cannot be. Leave me like I am. Don’t smother my heart, suffocating my dreams and possibilities. Help me to see what’s really there before time is to far off gone. Don’t let me fall, feeling you behind me, holding me without touching me. See reality for what it really is and not what it can be for it doesn’t happen for all. Stop drawing me in to your soul when it is to pure to far away for me to reach. Beyond the corner, beyond my world, you exist in a way I cannot. Let me leave myself where I can live.

Don't love me because I'm fragile. I will rise and build up an unbreakable wall of hate. You nor I can break through it.

I will never want anything so much

I feel you holding me without touching me. It is like you are there, looking at me, falling in love with me. Set me free. You are not really there. I try to make myself see but you are keeping me down, paralyzing me with your beauty, smothering my heart with what cannot be.

Beatrix Bernadotte

Want to know what happened?

Want to know what happened at your birth year?

Throw money my way

Okay so I need a new phone. But look the thing is there's like a million phones out there and it makes it very difficult to chose one. And I don't buy a new phone to often so I want a good one. I have my eyes set on a HTC touch pro2 because i really like the keyboard and all the possibilities that comes with it. But it's kind of a business phone and what do I need a business phone for? it's not the cheapest phone out there either. I've also considered buying a blackberry but I don't really like the designs like in them, what do you call that? Like the menu and stuff and that stuff is important to me. The HTC looks like something out of the future and the blackberry the past. It's difficult. I don't want a phone without a keyboard, it can be completely touch but the HTC touch pro2 has touch as well as a keyboard how great is that?

Gotta keep up with technology

Beatrix Bernadotte

This is just tooo weird!

Weirdo among Twitter freaks

I do not understand how twitter works! it looks so easy and everybody use it but I just can't understand the point of it and how it works. It seems like I'm the only person in the world that doesn't get Twitter.

Beatrix Bernadotte
One in a million make it big time! how do you like having those odds against you?

And the beauhunk award goes to...

You know what I love? when a new hunk of beef comes to town. Seriosusly, it takes your mind off things and on much more beautiful things. My "new" celebrity hunk is Ian Somerhalder. He isn't exactly new because he was smoking hot in Lost but now that he's laid on a few pounds of muscles and plays a dangerous guy with attitude it totally makes his he-man factor go up a notch. And I like it. The constrcution plans for this one were really thought out, his face deserves an award.

Beatrix Bernadotte

Vampires make it more realistic

I just saw Romeo + Juliet, the one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes and yes yes Cnaprio was quite a looker still is kind of. But it got me thinking, if Shakespeare lived today and just released Romeo and Juliet it wouldn't be as treasured and loved as it is today. Because we wouldn't appreciate it for what it is, a deeply passionate love story, we would instead say that that kind of love is purely fictional (we might still say that) and I just don't think it would have been as valued. They are so young and yet so passionate which people would have found weird and since it was written such a long time ago it kind of explains it becasue young people were different then, much more mature and blablablaa. And they fell in love so quickly and not like a little teeny crush more of a "lets get married" and "I die if you die" crush.

We do however have a modern example of that kind of love and it's in Twilight. But that story only works because there are vampires in it. So, instead of being written a long time ago it contains vampires to explain the irrational and insane love. The vampire thing explains why Bella wants Edward so badly. His beauty is what first draws her in and since he is "the world's most dangerous predator" everything about him draws her in, his looks, his voice and golly even his smell. For him, it's a bit more romantic, he is a lonely vampire with nothing to live for really then Bella comes a long, the love of his life or actually his life. And the vampire wanting her blood intensifies there love in a very weird way but it kind of does. So, they really have that kind of Romeo and Juliet love and it works because of the vampire thing and also because they don't actually die but they could die for each other, there's that possibilty and Edward almost does die for her. Or for himself really, because he thinks she died and he can't live with himself. In that way it's similar to Romeo and Juliet. And the vampire thing is obviously very fictional but it makes their love more "realistic" and sane. But love isn't sane and we can take real love films.

Beatrix Bernadotte

måndag 22 februari 2010

New movies for me anyway

Today I bought these two movies, looking forward to seeing them, I also bought a bag but I don't have a picture of it. It's pretty though. And just the other day I also bought Vicki and Cristina Barcelona and The Bucket list. I liked them both very much but my ecpectations for Vicki and Cristina Barcelona were really high so I was a bit disappointed. But I don't think I will be with my new ones. Right now I'm watching Spanglish but I've seen it before so I think I might watch Interview with the vampire or maybe some old episodes of Lost. We'll see.

Beatrix Bernadotte

That Somerhalder guy

When you're in school what's the best thing? THE HOLIDAYS of course, no doubt. Of course the holidays would be better if they actually were like The Holiday. That would actually be pretty awesome, Jude Law and everything. But my holidays are very good as well. Now, we have so called sportsbreak, one week in februari each year. Awesomeness. Today is the first day of the holiday and it's unbearable to go out because it COLD like really COLD in fact so cold that the pipes are frozen which means that you can't get any water on the top floor. But I don't care, I actually don't mind staying in and watching a couple of good movies. Yesterday I saw Up in the Air and I liked it very much. Just like any other girl I like the Cloon and Anna Kendrick was awesome, the Twilight high school girl was totally missing. BUT I've been obsessing The Vampire Diaries and I'll tell you why IAN SOMHERHALDER he is freakin gorgeous. Now, I've always thought he was a looker like in lost he's very hot but in vampire diaries there's a whole other story of hotness I'm telling you. He plays this psychotic, cocky and sexy character Damon Salvatore. And if you would ignore the murderer thing he's very charming and appealing. And Ian woooowzaaa. HIS EYES PIERCE RIGHT THROUGH YOU...

Can't wait for the new episodes it's crazy because it's such a B series and still you get addicted. Is it the power of SOMERHALDER or is there something more?

Beatrix Bernadotte

fredag 19 februari 2010

How to become successful

The key to success

tisdag 16 februari 2010

1 time is bad enough

måndag 15 februari 2010

Movie shit

Just came up with a new movie idea. Its exciting and also very irritating in a way because I never finish my stuff, I just come up with new stuff while I'm already working on something. And yeaah also I sent these really embarassing and needy e mails to various movie production companies begging for an internship haha lets just wait and see if I get any replies.

Beatrix Bernadotte

lördag 13 februari 2010

Have you read 1984?

I have to make a literary comparison of two books and I was thinking 1984 and either The handmaid's tale or Brave new world or maybe something else I don't know. Suggestions?

Beatrix Bernadotte

tisdag 9 februari 2010

Awkward chit chat

Why do people always talk about the weather? is it because it is interesting or is it just small talk? When I ask I do it because of actual interest because I do want to know but I don't think others do, at least not always. But the point is here why ask about the weather? is it difficult to find something else to small talk about? If someone asks about the weather and you're both at the same place it makes the whole conversation very awkward so why do it?

Beatrix Bernadotte

måndag 8 februari 2010

Postponing Mondays

Hating Mondays is probably the most sane thing a person can do. I know people have said this many times but still it's something I forget. I mean think about it, what's good about Mondays? Yeah, sure it's the beginning of a new week but that's not a strong argument. Mondays usually contain the beginning of all the bad stuff (unless you have the coolest job) if you're a student, school starts and after waking up at 11 or 12 it's pretty damn difficult to wake up at 6. That's my biggest issue, waking up at 6!!!! Hate it so much I wanna smack Monday in the head and postpone Monday til Thursday which would make Monday a good day because then comes the weekend!

Beatrix Bernadotte

söndag 7 februari 2010

One of the most complex roads

If I knew how to drive this would be the place to do so. It's Italy, lovely huh?

Beatrix Bernadotte

HATE that sound

The Teenager Audio Test - Can you hear this sound?

Created by Oatmeal

How many baboons could you take in a fight? (armed only with a giant dildo)

Created by Oatmeal

How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor?

Created by Oatmeal

Watch The Black Hole!!

How funny wouldn't it be to find him in the end like that? haha

Beatrix Bernadotte

Give me a ticket!

I would kill to go to the film festival in Cannes. Just imagine being there, how awesome wouldn't it be? Like a week ago we booked tickets to Germany and yesterday I realized that it's the international film festival in Berlin when we're there and it would be really cool to go there to. But come on, the film festival in Cannes!! That would be amazing!

Beatrix Bernadotte

lördag 6 februari 2010

The clock of time

There's not a lot happening which is kind of unexciting, obviously. I cut my hair yesterday and I needed it desperately. I've also bought some stuff mostly clothes that I also needed but I just want it to be summer now or at least spring but they say that it will snow even more!!! But what I really want is to have time to write as much as I want. I like to write a little bit here and there as you come up with something but what I would like even more and what I would prefer to do is to be able to write non stop on my movie. I want to become a better writer because so far I'm not so good at it, I need practice. But at the same time I have to focus on school, we have so much to write in school. So I guess I have to finish school first but the thing is that we are all so obsessed with time and the younger you start out with something the higher the odds are of you actually being good at what you do of course, that's logical. But it feels like whatever you want to do you have to do it fast and be really good at it fast. Your life has to start at a really young age otherwise you're just wasting your time. It's that part thay annoyes me and freaks me out but I wonder if its all in my head.

Beatrix Bernadotte

onsdag 3 februari 2010

No school no study

No school today either, I don't know how many days I've missed but there has been a couple of them. I've been sick or there's been train trouble, today there was train trouble because of the weather. It snowed sooo much and I love the snow its so beautiful but I'm starting to get sick of it now. And its not as beautiful now as like a month ago. Because about a month ago it was like -20 and so all the trees and everything were covered with snow and ice and everything looked so magical. Nothing was ugly since it was all draped in white, it was truly mesmerizing. But now there's A LOT of snow but its only -2 so its the perfect weather for playing out in the snow because you can make perfect snowballs and have snowball-fights but its not as beautiful. There's not this icy look anymore. Anyway tomorrow I have to go to school, I have important classes I just hope I won't have to wait for the train for three hours. And yeah my favourite channels don't work because of the weather. It's like someone is telling me to study!

Beatrix Bernadotte

måndag 1 februari 2010

Stupid teen

Ohhh this morning has been crazy. I woke up as usual at 6 o'clock and yes it is as terrible as it sounds, feels like waking up in the middle of the night since its pitch dark. Anyway I went to the train station because I take the train to school and it takes me 1 hour. But the train was late because of an accident, someone who works there had been run over. How terrible is that? I can't believe it. Don't know what to say really.

I decided to go home since I would miss economics and maybe have 30min Swedish. But then I felt so guilty about it I changed my mind and decided to take the 10'clock train but I missed that one! And then there was a 10:30 but taking that one would mean that I would miss Swedish class completely so I went home. And now I just found out that the 10:30 train was cancelled. And the most I dont know annoying or stupid thing about it all is that at first I didn't know about the accident and when I went home I was hoping I would see this guy that I find attractive and I did! ans I was like "yees! the train was cancelled and it lead to this" and blablablaaa and now you feel so bad about ever thinking that. It isn't the first time someone's been hit by the train but usually they intended that to happen but this is just...well, there are no words for it. I mean how did that even happen? and imagine that persons family....

Beatrix Bernadotte